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Yes, we do it best and your possessions remain in perfect condition. Backed by years of experience in the business, we go all the way to make sure that we meet your expectations and exceed it.

One-of-a-Kind International Shipping Services from Start to Finish.

Your desire to move may begin with apprehensions about how daunting a task it can be with so many things to consider. But from the moment you speak with one of our professionally trained consultants, the exceptional experience begins. Things about what is practical, what needs to be assessed and other requirements such as permits, equipments and packing tools will all be discussed with you, leaving nothing unclear. You ask, we answer.

How We Quote.

Each move is different that is why we have different moving schemes for each moving needs or will customize one that suits you best.

Each quote covers practically everything from origin or destination storage needs to government taxes and import duties including:

  • Applicable goods and services tax.
  • Cleaning charges (steam and quarantine tests) when and where needed.
  • Shipment value customs duties in countries that require them.

The quotation covers the following services:

  • Professional packing including packing materials and tools from place of origin.
  • Port to port removal and port charges.
  • Export customs taxes, fees and charges.
  • Shipment fees.
  • Clearances fees and charges including quarantine clearance.
  • Floor level to door delivery.
  • Unpacking and/or reassembly of collapsible furniture of office equipments.
  • Cleanup and removal of packing materials.

Should you have any questions about customs guidelines, we will be glad to answer them for you such as if there are items you may not import. Generally, in most countries, the following are not allowed to be shipped into: certain medicines (may need permits), illegal or narcotic drugs, alcohol, pornographic items, some food items, harmful items such as explosives or poisonous substances, etc.

Choosing the Right Kind of Removals Service.

Because a lot of items are different in weight, shape and most of all in value, there are certain considerations to think of when it comes to removals and shipping. That is why it is best to consult with and let the professionals do the job.

  • Assessment of overall quantity and quality of goods.
  • The importance and urgency of pick-up, shipment and arrival.
  • Insurance coverage.
  • Travel conditions.
  • Budget.

We take pride in knowing that we are recognized as one of the largest and most trusted international movers in Europe hence we make sure that we offer superior rates and service. We leave nothing to uncertainty from the moment you get in touch with us all the way to the delivery of your shipment. You can rest assured that all your shipments are carefully monitored every step of the way. We even offer after-service assistance.

We operate on a large-scale network covering the whole of London, its neighboring areas, all over Europe and practically anywhere in the world. With UK-Movers, you need not worry about your shipments, anytime, anywhere.